Membership Transfer
Transfer of Membership Terms & Conditions

Transfer of Membership is ONLY ALLOWED between immediate family members. However, if the family member is an existing member, then this membership transfer is not allowed. To facilitate the membership transfer, specified documents need to be submitted.
In the event that the membership transfer has to be affected nonetheless, a written consent from the owner himself and his immediate introducer must be submitted to the management for approval.
Ambassador, President and Lord President status membership is NOT ALLOWED to transfer his/her membership.
Transfer of membership between different country is NOT ALLOWED.
Transfer of membership form must be fully completed and signed by the transferor, transferee and a witness who MUST be the direct introducer for the transferor. Any incomplete form will not be processed.
A copy of the both transferor's and transferee's or passport and BIC (if any) MUST be faxed together with the Membership Transfer Form and the payment slip to the company at 03-74909911.
Membership Transfer Form2
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