Name : James Lu (Non-Member)   Occupation : Bank Consultant
I/C No : 521211125124      
: Jalan Sin Onn, Tawau
: 089-752130

Before Comments :
When my friend introducedto me the product, I laughed and think that I am strong and all mighty and do not believe in the HGH. Then I was adnmitted to hospital for 5 days and when I got discharged I felt that life can be gone in matter of seconds. Being proud and thought that HGH is non-sense. My life was in bad shape. Then my friendstold me to that HGH can help. Feeling desperate I tried HGH.
After Comments:
6 weeks after taking HGH, I have regainedy strenght and felt much more better. i am ashamed to tell my friends that HGH has helped as I was too proud by not accepting the product and made fun out of it. My sex life has improved to great heights, skin look good, hair growing black. My wife is smiling everyday now. Thanks to HGH