NanoBelle a special formulated product is recognized as one of the best self hormone remedy for rejuvenation purposes. Using selected high efficacy Dioscorea Villosa L-extract, glycine soja protein, grape seed extract, aloe vera, panax ginseng root extract and vitamin E, the goodness of these ingredients are rapidly absorpted by our body when apply transdermally. The plant ingredients which contain phytohormones will mimic our natural hormone functions to help achieve hormone self balanced effects. Results - a more youthful looking "You".

A proprietary based formula that helps to increase the body's secretion of hormones. Effectively restores healthy and supple skin and promotes skin relaxation. A relaxed skin will help to reduce problem associated with wrinkles, age spots, acnes, blackheads and others. Also effective in improving face contour, reshape body and breast firming. With proven effects that enables the skin and our body remains youthful. Increase your confidence and promote your radiance!
Restores skin natural smoothness and suppleness.
Helps reduce the appearance of saggy skin, wrinkles, freckles, pimples and acnes.
Contain antioxidants to help inhibit the effects of free radicals.
Fade away dark eye circles and reduce eye bags.
Helps tone body and breasts
Helps in balancing hormones and delaying the signs of ageing.
Making post menopause symptoms more bearably.
Helps in managing premenstrual symptoms.
Helps in improving bone density.
Helps in reducing the affects of arthritis and backache.
Helps in reducing the discomfort associated with diabetes, high blood pressure and skin allergy.
Aids in boosting immune system.
Active Ingredients
Dioscorea Villosa L-Extract
Dioscorea extract contains substances such as diosgenin which exhibits the female hormone like activities and therefore gives essential health benefits relating to aging such as osteoporosis, menopause, hormonal imbalance, improve immunes system and improve skin appearance. Besides, it is also exibit anti-inflammatory properties, anti-oxidant and anti-bacteria actions.
Panax Ginseng Root Extract
Panax Ginseng is considered an adaptogen. This means it is purported to regulate the metabolism to be normalized and balanced. It is also categorized as an immunostimulator with the ability to stimulate immune responses. Ginseng contains an active ingredient called ginsenosides which helps in stimulating skin immune system and delaying skin cell degeneration.
Aloe Vera
It is a skin moisturizer and helps to soften cutin and the absorption of nutrients through the skin, resulting in quick absorption through the pores of the skin.
Glycine Soja Protein
Enhances collagen synthesis to give a more youthful look with smooth and elastic skin. It can also prevent osteoporosis by controlling the calcium from dissolving out and prevent baldness by controlling the action of male hormone. Besides, it also gives the whitening and moisturizing effects.
Grape Seed Extract
Grape seed extract is the most effective antioxidant known, Grape Seed Extract is also rich in flavonoids which is believe of improve the blood circulation and help strengthen blood vessels.
Vitamin E
Vitamin E remains in the skin tissue after being absorbed, protecting the skin from harm by free radicals.
Apply the cream on the soft parts of the body and massage gently to ensure maximum absorption. Use as regular as needed.
Store at temperature below 30 ° celcius and avoid sunlight exposure.