Hgh Background
Background Of Human Growth Hormone
Eternal youth had always been the ultimate search of mankind. Through many years of researches and experiments, various discoveries of herbs, medicines and remedies ranging from the used of Ginseng, Essence of Placenta and other substances had been used but the ultimate answer is yet to be discovered. However, the discovery of HGH in rejuvenation changes all this. HGH achieved remarkably convincing result in clinical experiments. It is the ultimate answer to mankind's long search for eternal youth, the ultimate remedy for rejuvenation to date HGH was known in science since 1920, however only in 1958, it was recognized for its remarkable achievement in helping the young victim of dwarfism (dwarf illness), a children diseases, to maintain a normal growth. As the hypophysis cerebri of these victims is either ineffective or unable to produce HGH.
Then HGH is extracted from the main brain of deceased people of African descent, whereby only a few drops may be accumulated from one thousand main brains of the deceased. So, the scientist decided to come up with a laboratory-conceived HGH, which proved to be a tedious process indeed as hormones are basically proteins, which are the combinations of amino acids. HGH is a combination of 191 amino acids that is mainly produced by the hypophysis cerebri from the main brain. After 10 years of researches, in year 1985, a Dr Herbert Boyer and his colleagues succeeded in conceiving mankind's first HGH using the technology of 'recombinant'. A year later, a similar evident of HGH is conceived by Eli Lilly medicine factory, adopting a similar technology. Physically, biologically and chemically proven to be the 100% replica of the generic HGH that is produced by the hypophysis cerebri from the main brain.
Dr Daniel Rudman profiled two giant medicine industrialists in America, Eli Lilly and Genetech in the Journal of The American Geriatrics Society in 1985. The article recognized the remarkable breakthrough of this new theory of rejuvenation. He clearly identify that aging is basically an illness caused by the lacking of HGH. He also explained that, aging is naturally an unavoidable illness. HGH will stimulate the hypophysis cerebri from the main brain to carry out the function of rejuvenation. This reactivation will enable the turning back of biological clock, and in fact, making it anti-clockwise! That's why the physical body will be younger and livelier.