Bio Spray
Unique formula that increases the body's production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH), which will activate the body's potential in reversing the aging process and restoring youthfulness. The miraculous anti-aging product that helps you live healthier longer, prolonging your life and eradicates the fear of getting old, getting weaker and developing degenerative diseases. Starting today, give yourself the chance to renew yourself because you deserve to let yourself shine with health and youthfulness.
Volume : 60ml
Supplement Facts
Serving Size : 0.6ml (5 sprays)
Serving per Container 90    

Amount per serving % Daily Value
Ingredients per serving (0.6 ml)
IGF Extracted from Colostrum : 60 mcg*
L-Arginine : 20 mcg*
L-Ornithine : 20 mcg*
L-Glutamine : 10 mcg*
L-Lysine : 10 mcg*
* Daily Value Not Established

HGH is produced by the hypophysis cerebri in our main brain; it is basically different from other hormone type, as it is the master hormone which has the ultimate ability to activate almost the entire function of the body. HGH stimulates the engineering of the body changes, metabolism, and brain activities and disintegration activity. Therefore, HGH is able to reverse aging and regain youthfulness, both physically and mentally.

Direction for Use:
As a daily supplement
5 sprays in the morning after wake up. 5 sprays before bedtime
Hold for 2 minutes to allow oral absorption