Do You Need HGH

Are You A Candidate For Hormonal Replacement Therapy?
  Today as compared to 10 years ago: If yes
39. Do you seem to have less strength for gripping or lifting? +2
40. Is your endurance less? +2
41. Is your breathing more labored when you exercise hard? +3
42. Do you find the longer you live, the better you feel about life? -2
Ages : 45 to 54 +1
         : 55 to 64 +2
       : 65 to above +3

14 and below You are doing well and your complaints are well within normal range of daily living.
15 - 22 The Growth Hormone Enhancement Program may help forestall some of the problems of aging.
23 - 30 Hormonal replacement therapy with HGH or the Growth Hormone Enhancement Program may reverse the problems of aging you are already encountering. Schedule a visit to your doctor and have your IGF-1 levels checked.
31 and above Run, do not walk, to an anti-aging physician (but not so fast that you fall and break a hip or get a heart attack). Chances are your levels of growth hormone are severely deficient. Hormonal replacement therapy including HGH may be of great benefit.