Anti-aging Symptoms
  The common symptoms of aging Clinical observation and experiment with HSB
Hair Hairs turns grayish and starts to fall 38% new growth
Brain Memory deteriorating, migraine, losses concentration, Alzheimer, gets paranoid and restlessness,frustrates easily and suffers sleeplessness, Mood stabilizes by 67% memories improved by 62% gain 78% positively, reduces stress, eases sleep
Face Fine lines and eye bags starts showing Reduces wrinkles
Eyes Worsening of sight, presbyopia and cataract Rectify sight
Mouth Smell deteriorating, taste worsening, suffers periodontic -
Chest Metabolism slows down Suffers angiosclerosis, palpitation and heart related problems, blood pressure worsening, chest muscle loosening, immunity weakening, lung systems slows down Reduces the risk of heart diseases,73% improvement of immunity system,and activated cell growth strengthening hearts and blood flow
Stomach Gastric hypoacidity bad absorption, suffers from anemia, mul-nutritious, constipation, intestinal obstruction sign of shrinking ovary and other uterus problems, loosening of muscle. Improves absorption, stimulate intestine, prevent constipation and diarrhea.
Abdomen Female
Vagina diseases that causes the lost of sexuality, Infection of urethraand urinary.
Suffering from hypertrophy of the prostate and polyuria
Reduces sychnuria, stabilizes menstruation up to 39%, improve sexuality up to 75%, sustain a 62% longer sexuality
Skin Loses elasticity, dehydrated,suffers from dermatitis and aged mark Improve up to 71% of skin texture, 71% of elasticity and 68% of skin thickness
Bones Losing calcium, infection to the spine, the risk of suffering from bones diseases. Prevent osteoporosis
Body Lack of energy (tiredness), always feel cold, muscles pain, suffers from anemia, obesity, diabetes, unbalance weight problems, abnormal growth of nails, higher cholesterol level. 84% increment in energy level, stabilizes the nervous system, stabilizes insulin level, 72% of fat loss, reduces cholesterol level